STAR (Student Action for Refugees) is the national network of student groups working to improve the lives of refugees in the UK.  To find out more about STAR check out our website:

STAR York are a young society, having been established in the last two years, but we have already achieved so much within the local community. We are linked to the national STAR network and to a local organisation and registered charity RAY (Refugee Action York). To find out more about RAY visit their website:

  • Promoting positive images of refugees and supporting a culture of sanctuary for asylum seekers.
  • Volunteering opportunities in the RAY (Refugee  Action York) drop in center every Sunday, come to our meetings on Thursday evening at 6pm on campus (room varies) and sign up! You’ll be trained
  • Campaigning for refugee and asylum seekers. We are currently focusing our efforts on the Equal Access for Higher Education for asylum seekers campaign. To find out more visit and check out our updates on this blog and join our facebook page: or sign our online petition and add your name to the hundreds of signatures from York students showing solidarity with asylum seekers and asking our university to do the same:

Why refugees and why students?

“You don’t have to get on a plane to make a difference in the world, there is so much on your doorstep. Every day we share spaces with those who have been persecuted and are still vulnerable. STAR lets you make a difference close to home. I’ve discussed, planned and laughed with asylum seekers and refugees, being a part of STAR is working for them and with them.”
Paulette Amadi, Southampton STAR

Refugees and asylum seekers are a vulnerable group of people who often have a long and difficult struggle to secure their safety in another country. As people fleeing persecution, torture and prejudice need and deserve our support.

As a new generation it is vital that students have a positive attitude towards refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people. Students have time, energy and enthusiasm to give to supporting refugees and asylum seekers.

STAR aims to cater for all its members and supporters. Whether you want to participate in volunteering projects, campaigns, organise publicity stunts, work with refugees in your local area or simply turn up to a meeting to hear a speaker or receive our quarterly newsletter, it’s here, it’s fun and it’s yours for the taking.

The  STAR York Committe:

Alice Welsh (Co-Chair)

Sophie Mak-Schram (Co-Chair)

Beth Richardson-Hill (Secretary)

Sofia Khan (Campaigns Coordinator)

Kathleen Whitehead (Campaigns Coordinator)

Madeleine Sherer (Volunteer Coordinator)

Bukola Opeifa (Fundraising)

Alice Crawford (Press and Publicity – blog manager, campus media)

Charmaine Laterly (Press and Publicity – Twitter and Facebook)


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