Hello everyone!

First things First,

The next meeting! To start with we will be exploring the different ways various Countries look after asylum seekers and refugees and share with us any other countries laws and treatment of asylum seekers and refugees you know about or wish to research. Secondly we will discuss the contribution of Refugees in the UK and the stigma they face.

So…  Thursday 9th February in L/N/003 at 6.15pm (opposite Langwith Porter’s lodge). See you then!!

Another point of interest might be the talk on  ‘UNSAFE RETURN OF REFUSED ASYLUM SEEKERS TO COUNTRIES WITH POOR HUMAN RIGHTS RECORDS’ this will take place on Saturday 18th February in the Physics Building: P/L/002 between 11am and 4pm. To book a place on this day of presentations and discussions you can email jctc1@hotmail.co.uk

The day will be a mixture of presentations and discussions on the following topics

  • Congolese refused asylum seekers removed to DRC
  • Conclusions and recommendations of the Report ‘Unsafe Return’ – Catherine Ramos, Justice First
  • Gathering evidence in Cameroon – Jackie Fearnley, Researcher
  • How to ensure evidence is robust enough for use by lawyers and in Court – Julian Abengowe, Barrister
  • Training Law students to research Country of Origin Reports – Gina Clayton, South Yorkshire Refugee Law and Justice

Also, if you have a few moments there is an e-petition to sign, it will take about a minute and is about REFUSED ASYLUM SEEKERS AT RISK ON RETURN TO THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGOhttp://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/24741

Following that, here is another reminder of the Ice & Fire performance on Tuesday 21st February (During Action Week! Feb 20th-26th) and we now have a sparkly new event page on Facebook!  https://www.facebook.com/events/311697725542902/.

Finally keep an eye out for information about:

  • Action Week February 20th-26th
  • STAR elections 8th March
  • Northern STAR conference at the University of Manchester with a theme of “Young People & Asylum”

Thanks again guys!

Best Wishes


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