Hi to all you fabulous STARS!

This is your official, shiny invitation to our meeting this Thursday at 6:30 in G/0/10!

It’s going to be very exciting because once again we have a guest speaker coming in!

Her name is Sara Sadek, a second year PhD Student at CAHR/Politics. Her thesis looks at citizenship rights of refugees in Egypt’s transition. She have been working with refugees in Egypt and other countries so she as lots of interesting stories to tell us!

She has been involved in the operation and at times the supervision of STAR Cairo. She also co-organized/was part of several public awareness and advocacy events on displacement in Egypt, Lebanon and UK… and she’s in York to meet us this Thursday! Exciting, right? So even if you can’t make it for the full meeting due to other commitments we really recommend you to just pop over for as long as you can- it is really a unique opportunity.


Also, one more thing: we still need a few more people to sign up for the christmas gift list. We posted a googledoc link on the facebook group but for those of you not on facebook, here it is again:



For those of you who have already bought your gifts, you can bring them this Thursday (nicely wrapped up please!) but the latest possible date will be our last meeting this term, the Thursday week 9.


Best of wishes and hopefully see many of you today!





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